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Your All-In-One Sound Technician

At the end of the day, music boils down to the particulars—what kind of sound system for your space, for instance, or which technology will give you the best playback. As a DJ and audiophile, I nerd out over the finer details. That’s why I’m happy to tackle the nitty-gritty of your materials, giving you the optimal sonic experience.
I advise clients on areas like professional sound systems and P.A. rental. I offer custom and bespoke playlists for your iPod and laptop loading, giving you background music for gyms, retail spaces, showrooms, restaurants, lounges, and special events. And when you need visuals to pair with the music, I coordinate event photography and video for fashion shows, corporate meetings, destination events, and more.
Sound is my business. No matter how niche the need, I’m here to help.

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Not to brag, but I have some great clients

What My Clients Have to Say

Johnny, What can I say... you were AMAZING!!!! Not only did you play the best music ever but you were such a trooper in the record hottest day in Connecticut ever!! You had the best energy and you were having so much fun... I just loved it. I had the most amazing night!! I have to tell you, that dancing last night was the best thing for me... it relieved whatever stress was there and totally chilled me out... Music is by far THE most important part of a wedding reception... You made our night incredible. So much thanks to you... you are the best! Absolutely, please put me on your referral list! Melissa


Thanks again Johnny for everything! It was definitely an UNFORGETTABLE evening - the music was definitely awesome and a large reason as to why everyone had such a terrific time at our wedding! We ourselves, could not have had a better time at our own wedding and many of our friends and family were telling us it was one of their top weekends ever, that is just the best to hear! Thanks for your expertise and talent, they were in full force that night! You have a true talent and I will definitely recommend you to other engaged couples, as they continue to spring up amidst our group of friends!! You did indeed get many compliments, Phil and I were so very very pleased and we sincerely thank you for everything! Susan


Johnny- I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing night. It was exactly what I had envisioned you truly played the perfect mix of tunes. Every person there raved about you and the incredible music. This morning I was popping Advil not because I was hungover, but because my legs and feet ached from so much dancing!! The vibe was perfect, and I have you to thank for that. You were so professional and accommodating and reliable and calming and flat out wonderful throughout the wedding planning process. Thank you thank you thank you. Did I mention that you are the best? I will most certainly pass your name along to friends and family for future events. Hope to see you again soon- Linda and Tom

Linda & Tom

Hi Johnny, Hope all is well with you! Sorry it took a little while to write this (after the craziness leading up to the wedding and a long honeymoon it took us about a week or so to get our lives back in order). Anyway, I wanted to send you a big thank you for making our wedding so great! From the day I booked you (I believe I still hold the record as your earliest bride!), you've been a pleasure to work with and you definitely did not disappoint on the big day! My parents and Kent were so happy with the whole event and I have had countless guest tell me it was the best wedding they have ever been to. Thank you so much for just being so easy to work with through the whole process and helping to make our wedding a party all of guests could enjoy. All the best,


Hi, Johnny, MAN, you set the par-tay OFFFFFFF!!!! Though, you may have to put a warning sign on your website and business cards: Please be advised, feet may seriously hurt the next day from non-stop dancing all night stronggggg!!! Anyway, a heartfelt thanks for adding the perfect vibe to our wedding night. You were fun-tastic! Best regards, Winthrop


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