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One day my father put the needle on a record and Santana blew out of the speakers. I was seven. His collection of thousands of albums was his source–Santana, Traffic, Paganini, Stan Getz, Miles Davis. He was educating me. And he was showing me love. You've gotta love somebody to want to give them all the crazy beauty of song. Shortly thereafter I started making cassettes off the radio of artists like Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix and Elton John.

After a stint in [art school] I moved from my hometown of Washington D.C. to New York. One evening at a gallery opening I spun records for fun. The next thing you know I was back into my dad's and my collection, looking for stuff for the next gig.












Since then I've played in clubs in New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and Spain, I've had the pleasure of filling the insides of some pretty grand places with great sounds and the chance to work for some interesting clients and events.

How many times have you heard a strain of music and it immediately made you smile, or go weak in the knees, or you got a pit in your stomach or an ache in your heart? Music is powerful stuff. Think of the movie Shaft without Isaac Hayes's theme. Or The Wizard of Oz without "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." It can make a whole roomful of people cry or dance like one. I love music, but most of all I like to watch the great things it does to other people. It's corny, but true. This is why I will read the room at an event so I can adapt the music to the crowd and give it the right atmosphere.

If you are more about creating your own sound, I have a catalog of more than 20,000 songs ranging from Abba to Zappa and I will work with you to make a personal repertoire for your event. If you're adventurous, I will stand back and let you lead, tending only to the technicalities necessary to make things perfect. If you are a bit nervous or unsure of what you want, I will hold your hand every step of the way up to and through your special day.


DJ Johnny Stuart specializes in:

  • DJ for all Special Events, Fashion Shows, Product Launches, Weddings, Private Parties, etc.
  • Professional Sound Systems and P.A. Rental
  • Custom CDs / iPod & Laptop loading for Gyms, Retail, Showroom, Restaurants, Lounges, Event Background Music
  • Event Photography (Fashion Shows, Corporate Meetings,Travel etc.)
  • Travel available, Destination Events are no Problem, Serving the World at Large


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